Don't lose WJXT on july 22!

Attention DISH customers! You are in jeopardy of losing your favorite programs from WJXT 4 on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7pm eT.

What can you do?

How you can continue receiving the news, sports and entertainment you want and expect from the station you trust?
Take action with the four steps outlined below and help spread the word!

  • CALL the Dish Customer Retention Department

(855) 318-0572  –  Press 2 to talk to a live operator and share your concerns about losing your favorite station

  • POST this image on your social networks

Dear @Dish, please negotiate a fair deal before July 22nd so I can continue watching my favorite programs from WJXT 4.

  • TWEET this message to your followers

Hey @Dish, I want to keep my #WJXT4 in Jacksonville!  @wjxt4

  • CONSIDER alternative service providers
    The following services will continue to offer WJXT programming after July 22.

1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288)

1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) 


Dish is not being straight with you.  We are not asking for twice our current rate or anything close to that.  We have not stopped negotiating.  Dish did not offer us an extension.  Quite the opposite, at their request, we granted them a one week extension which will end this Wednesday.   We have never failed to successfully negotiate these types of agreements on time and we have done hundreds of them.  We know Dish cannot make the same claim.

From the beginning, we have wanted nothing more than a fair agreement and we still do.